Terry McIntosh Ministries - Jerusalem Direct
TV Presentations in Palestine
Christian Militants Harm Peace Process
West Bank Evangelist Terry McIntosh draws a line in
the sand regarding genuine Christianity and militant
imposters who hijack religion with harmful theology
and illegal activities as he defines the true Christian
faith in search of peace.
Terry McIntosh defines militant Christianity as one that seeks to
advance the natural state of Israel at the expense of, and harm
to, innocent people in order to establish their goal of a Greater
Israel. Activities can include support of illegal settlements on
Palestinian land, and/or political incitement that leads to harm
against elected Jewish officials seeking peace, and/or support of
military action intended to root Palestinians out of the Holy Land,
and/or subversive activities steeped in deceit and manipulation.  
Terry supports the moral and legal rights of both Jews and
Palestinians, and claims that militant Christianity harms the
peace process.
Jesus did not instruct his disciples to break laws in pursuit of
political goals. He said, "Blessed are the peacemakers."
Christians are admonished to obey ruling authorities according to
Romans 13.

Terry believes that an overzealous theology regarding an
assumption that today's Israel is God's final expression of Bible
prophecy fulfilled is also harming the true gospel. He denounces
Islamic militant action against Israel as well, and condemns all
terrorist attacks against Israel.

Terry is seeking the welfare of both Jews and Arabs through
Jesus Christ with a gospel of love, grace, mercy, and peace.
April 13, 2002 - Terry appeared in an
unprecedented television spot in the midst
of armed conflict between Israel and the
PA. He charged Israel to halt the invasion
and called upon Palestine to repent and
follow Christ crucified. Israel withdrew
three days after the broadcast was first
televised, and attendance at the Jesus
House overwhelmed with visitors having to
sit on the porch and in the yard to hear the
gospel preached.
September 11, 2002 - On the first
anniversary of th 9-11 attack on American
soil, Terry and ministry partner Ibrahim
Rahab was featured in an hour long
presentation called. "In Search of Peace"
on Islamic television. Terry presented
Christ crucified as the solution and called
upon terror groups to give peace a chance
Christian programs such as "The Jesus
Film" and others have aired successfully on
Islamic TV numerous times.