As the battles raged
between Palestinian and
Israeli security forces in
September 1996, Terry
and Susan McIntosh, with
the help of their son Adam,
opened the Jesus House of
Prayer, a Christian chapel
in the city of ancient Jericho,
Palestine (West Bank, Israel).
As CEO and Pastor, Terry
managed to obtain permission
for Christian events that
Jericho's predominate Islamic
community had never seen.
He enjoyed both military and
police protection while
preaching the gospel to the
Islamic world of Jericho
and all of Palestine in spite of radical opposition.

Terry made an unprecedented appearance on Islamic television during Israel's military invasion
dubbed "Operation Defensive Shield" in April 2002 with a message of peace to both nations, charging
Israel to  turn around and "give life," and admonishing Palestine to follow Christ crucified as the only
hope for salvation.

The result has been a great move of God among the Palestinians with the help of faithful saints and
volunteers. Attendance at the Jesus House of Prayer grew to such large numbers that home groups
formed around Terry and his teachings about Jesus. The gospel continues to spread today as other
Christian ministries have also sprung up in the city.  Terry's ministry has been to turn the hearts of
the people  to God through Christ.

Terry's influence in the Islamic world defies all logic and contradicts many false teachings about
Palestinians in general, and God's plan for Israel. Terry turned all ministry responsibility over to
local ministers in 2007.

He continues to impact the Middle East via newspaper, TV, and other media outlets to include
hosting evangelical meetings while preaching Christ crucified on the cross for all people of all

Ministry Details:

Terry McIntosh Ministries, Inc.  is a non profit religious corporation formed under the laws of the
Commonwealth of Kentucky pursuant to KRS 273.160 et seq and organized exclusively for
charitable, religious, educational and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of
distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501 C (3) of the
Internal Revenue Code or such corresponding section of any future tax code, and exists for the
purpose of fulfilling and completing its primary purpose to provide support, infrastructure and
financial assistance to the missionary spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, that he died on the cross as payment for our sins
against God, and that God raised him from the dead. Romans 10: 9-13. Our goal is to
promote peace and reconciliation between both God and man while promoting the
welfare and benefit of both Jews and Arabs.


Terry and Susan surrendered their lives to Christ in 1983 and was married that same year. They
soon became involved in local Church work to include a prison ministry.  Their son, Adam, was born
in 1985. After being ordained, the family including stepson Andrew,  first moved to Israel in 1992
and continue to minister on a regular basis.  

1992: Organized and launched  street outreach ministry Mt. Carmel, Israel. Participated in first
pro-life outreach in Haifa.

1993: Wrote and produced
"For the Love of Israel" which documented the plight of Jewish  
Christians being denied citizenship because of their faith in Christ. The video made a strong appeal
to Israel to rescind the Law of Return, and prophesied Israel's future according to the Bible. It was
reviewed by the Prime Ministers Office, the Knesset, and found TV airtime in several countries. The
anti missionary orthodox Jewish organization Yad Lachem campaigned against Terry, and press
credentials were not renewed.

>1996-2007: Founder-pastor of the
Jesus House of Prayer, Jericho, West Bank.

Military Service:    Army Bio
Our mission is to proclaim Christ
crucified for the salvation of all
people groups.
About Terry McIntosh Ministries, Inc.
Armed Palestinian guards protect the
people of God and sends a strong
message to Islamic radicals regarding
freedom of choice while setting an
example for all of the Holy Land to follow.
Terry McIntosh proclaiming Christ crucified to Palestinian
Christians and Muslims in the city center of Jericho.
Terry says, " Today is the
day of salvation for both
Jews and gentiles. The
Arab people are as
important to God as
anyone else, and true
Christians cannot love
God unless they also love
Arabs and Jews without
discrimination toward
either people group."