Nablus- by Gihassan al-Katoot, AL-Quds January 29, 2007, [page 12].

A delegation from the Jesus House of Prayer for peace paid a solidarity visit to
Nablus city and the Balata refugee camp; there they visited many homes to
check on the citizens situations. They expressed their sorrows because of the
miserable conditions that the people live in. Terry McIntosh, who is in charge of
the association, made a speech about the good relationship they have with the
Palestinians stressing that it is a very important and strong relationship ever
since they became closely associated and acquainted with their desperate
situation. He added that the Palestinians are good be-loving people who care
for peace and stability, and that they hate death and look for their right to live in
dignity in their own state, which protects them and keeps their rights.

Terry said, "My message to the Palestinians and the Israelis is that Jesus
Christ calls for love and peace." He also talked about peace in general and
peace in the heart, and that we should follow the message of Jesus Christ for
this call, because he is the hope for the Israelis, the Palestinians, and the
Americans. He added that we must follow Christ because God sent Him for us,
for our safety and to save us from this life's tortures. He pointed out that there
are good people from both Fatah and Hamas, but some of them don't want
peace for the Palestinians. Palestinians and Israelis should forget about past
sufferings and putting it behind them and follow the call of Christ for peace."
Terry McIntosh Ministries, Inc.
WAFA Official Palestine News Agency
Christians Demand  "Tear Down
Separation Wall"
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At the boiling point
The article at right appeared in the Al-Quds
newspaper during a period of public unrest
and fear in Palestine. People were seeking
answers to  internal and international
problems in public forums. The Lord saw to it
that the answer was made plain through
Palestine's largest international newspaper.